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Hi all. I have tried a search but can't seem to find an answer to my questions.

1) When using the mirrors for parking and rear dip mirror engaged, does the mirror selected stay in dip position until parked or vehicle over 5-6 mph. Reason for asking is that my wifes goes back up into position the instant you move the car at all. Our ford dealer tells me thats the way it works according to ford technical, but i have a very hard time believing that.

2) Do ford only cover trim failure for 3 months from new, as she has several rattles which include the centre row of seats,and a glovebox that jams and wont open without fear of breaking it, which again our dealer will not fix.

3) is there a common issue with the 2.2 diesel (sept 2010) having a flat spot or hesitation around 1350rpm, as again our dealer has never heard of it before (wink wink)

Great motor and she is very happy with the drive etc, but as usual a dealer is letting us down on service received. After overhearing the service receptionist explain the workings of a DPF filter to a customer with a light on, I have no faith whatsoever in them. Apparently a DPF blows carbon out your exhaust. Being time served i felt like telling the customer how it worked and the correct way in which it was affecting his engine, but bit my tongue.

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