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Hi guys, I mite be going to look at this ST 2moro and have just got a few questions. My link

Iv seen other cars online that are unfortunately too far away for me to travel to that have the same mileage yet are between £4000-£4500 and most that are this price have done half as many miles. Is this one overpriced?

Also i like white but dont like the wide stripes, if i was to remove them would there be fade lines on the paint where they have been as i am not sure how white fades

Are there any common problems that i should look out for?

Thanks, Leo

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Cars only worth what you're willing to pay for it. If you're happy with the price and what you're getting for your money, then go for it mate.

(maybe best not posting a link to a link though :P )


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alloys need a good refurb by the looks, however doesn't look to bad overall but can't tell much from a picture.

As for fading, I've seen old work vans at my company with lettering been on for 10yrs+ and upon removal its pretty noticeable TBH but more obvious at certain angles and less at other. But I'm sure with a very good detailing and machine polish you could maybe make it look like the weren't even there.

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I'd say go further afield and save the money I nearly did for a mk 6.5 zetec s tdci but decided to get a Clio that was cheaper and 1.5 years newer. Anyway the car is probably overpriced because go to any local Arnold Clark and they can get you this in within a week http://m.arnoldclark.com/vehicle-search/results/ford/fiesta/options/search_type/used/postcode/wa12%208lj/images/1/latitude/53.4513356175/longitude/-2.6208308275/#v-arnbn-7295

Same price but less miles and it's an 07

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