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Engine Warning Light

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Hi All,

My Fusion suffers the same problem most Fusions do. The spark plugs get water in them. I was fed up paying my local garage £40 to change these so i decided to do it myself. I fould that it was so easy to do. The only problem is that when the garage does it they reset the engine management sensor. So it stops showing up on dash. I can't do this so i was wondering if there was a way I can do this myself without the use of a computer.

Any help would be appreciated


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I might be wrong and if so then someone can correct me but undo and leave the battery unconnected for half an hour will reset

As for the water in spark plugs is it same as fiesta problem, leakage from windscreen jets? (if so you can get modified connectors from stockists)

Could it by tiny leak from core plugs? (that's my partner's problem on her fiesta and K-seal seems to have fixed that)

Also on the cover over the plugs there is a disc/blanking plate you can remove which helps any trapped water boil away rather than just turn to steam while driving only to turn back to water an re-fill the spark plug trough when engine goes cold

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