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matt b

idling problem

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hi all waswondering if anyone can shed any light on a problem im having, firstly my engine management light is on and i cant get rid of it ive had it plugged in and no faults found, also done the dash trick and thats saying nothing as well, but mainly when its cold it revs all over the palce on idle it will shoot upto 2000rpm and sit there until for some starnge reason you press the foot brake and it will drop down to normal but however it also keeps going to stall and my battery light comes on then it will pick back up and go back to normal but when you accelerate and coem to a stop it will be idling at 2000rpm again, has anyone got any ideas what this could be, it has recently gone through an MOT and they picked up on a dogdy downstream 02 sensor but was told that wouldnt be related to the idling problem but could be the reason that my engien management light was on and, so the light was reset and low and behold not even half a mile from the garage teh light came back on so i took it back and they plugged it in again and it came up clear

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Idle control valve mate. Common fault, doesnt always log a fault code.

cheers mate, how easy are they to fit or can you clean up the one thats on

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