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Juddering Ford Fusion


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hi im new to this site as i ned help with my fusion 2.

i have a 2003 ford fusion 2 1.6 and its done 93ooo miless.

bought it january 2011

i changed clutch bout 7 months ago as it wa slipping

i have a problem now with juddering, when moving off from stationery.

engine cud b warm or cold and it will judder all the same.

i cud b stopped at traffic lights and when i go to pull of the car judders loudly , doesnt do it all th time but need 2 no what it is before it makes damage even more

pls help, thanx

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When you changed the clutch, did you notice whether this model has the fluid type flywheel?...if it has...I'd lay money on that being your problem.

hi not sure as when i got the 3 part clutch from shop it just looked normal , not sure if it has fluid or anything? how cud i tell and if it doesnt, what else cud it be?

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I suspect that if you purchased a 3 part clutch kit...(normal type) you def. don't have a fluid flywheel...... (been a long time since my hands allowed me to actually do mechanics so I'm a little out of touch) but I still mix with mechanics and the general consensus is that most 'judder' on modern cars usually stems from worn fluid flywheel assemblies...just thought it worth a mention...sorry if it caused any confusion.

The only other things I can think of that may be worth a check are, firstly your engine mountings (check to see if the rubber mount on one side has become detached), and secondly your cv joints...although generally, but not always, they tend to be noisier with steering on full lock.

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