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How To - Sunglasses Holder

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Sorry if this has been done before.....

Hi guys,

Although this was fitted to a mk7 Fez, exactly the same process is followed for the Focus. Hopefully someone can sticky this into the How To for me please.

Before I start


Stuff needed: Sunglasses holder and surround (mk3 Mondeo), pencil (for marking cuttings), stanley (for cutting), flat screwdriver or something else thin for wedging unit out.


Using wedging utensils, start the process from rear of light (windscreen side)


You'll be left with this


pull the unit out.... there is a couple of plastic clips you will find. Then undo these wires


Now you got a nice hole to start working from


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Remove light from new surround and also the plastic backing of sunglasses holder. The black backing has four clips holding it in place, a screwdriver will wedge em out, start with the clips in the centre of the surround, makes life easier


Measure and mark the area you want to cut. My tactic was to hold the surround up and make marking of where I want like this


Admittedly, I cut a hole too small, then went back and cut a little more to suit.

Remember, take this metal badboy out or you wont be cutting far


Hole cut


Now put the little metal badboy in, and also the black plastic for the rear of sunglasses holder. These will support the surround once clipped into place.


Take care when fitting, making sure you're getting all the surrounding headlining underneath the surround for a better finish


Job done


I notice that my surround isn't totally flush with the headlining, and I think my surround has been a little warped because the passenger side is tight which is disappointing, so I'll decide later on what I'm going to do about that..... either some glue or a new surround.

Thanks for reading,



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Nice one!

You don't need to take the light apart though

And replacing the old metal surround is pointless because it will no longer be secure and may rattle

To make it fit properly at the back, cut slots half way down (from the top) into the headlining to marry up to the tabs on the black part of sunglasses holder and it will sit in tightly with no gaps

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Was gonna say that Ben's already done this :P and fluffy dice.....really?

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There's no real prob with the top end fitting, and I genuinely found the metal surround supports the front as a tight fit tbh. The little gap towards the front has settled since its been fitted, unsure why it happened.

Inath, they're "furry" dice, not fluffy. ;). Wanted em since I passed my test years ago and found em in a scrappies lol... I know folk had done this, but wasn't sure if there was a how to made

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i know this is old now- but the spring retaining clip on my sunglasses holder has popped out when i took the holder apart, any chance of someone posting a wee pic of the left hand mechanism? i cannot figure it out! ta!

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