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Ford Fusion 1.6 Tdci Glowplugs


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I recently bought a 07 Ford Fusion + 1.6 TDCI and as yet have not seen the glowplug light come on, the light always seem to come on my last diesel and then extinguished depending on the temperature.

I have had no problems starting, with nightime temperatures dropping to around 4 or 5 degrees, but if there is a fault I have only got a few weeks of the 2 months warranty that the dealer gave me.

The car is nearly 5 years old and has done 50K.

I would be greatful if anybody has any knowledge or advice.


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its got to be dammm cold before the glow plugs kick in. During the last winter big freeze is the only time i have seen mine on. -4C and below i think is the kick in ....unless anyone knows different.

Thanks for that.

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