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Headlights Gone (Fuse I Think)


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right - turned my car on, it failed to kick in properly, so i started it again and gave it some revs and started fine, turned lights on and after 1 second if that they both went at the same time... correct me if i am wrong but that seems to be they both fused?

the fuses i need are 10 amp (which i have spare) and the fuses in question are 14 and 15 (correct me if i am wrong)

the question i need answering is 1) how do you get the fuses out without braking them?! i aint a fiddly finger guy and i cant pull them out, and 2) which are the two in question? not a clue which fuses are which (number wise)

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appears to be abit of a useless thread this now, after i couldnt get sleep thinking about it i went down and sorted it out!!!

the fuses were all in good nick, but i think from it struggling to start, and me re-booting it with abit of wack, the circuit seems to have either shorted somewhere, or its 'over-powered' (i forgot the term for that now i come to type it up!!) but it had resulted in the filaments in the bulbs being reduced to well, pretty much nothing AND a smashed sidelight (which was a pain to get out!)

could this be a potential future issue? IMO its a one off but i cant be too sure :(

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Normally when a light fuse goes it takes out the front and rear lights down one side of the car so you have a least one headlight working.

Are your xenon headlights wired through one fuse? Are they O.E. or after-market. If gen Ford I would certainly enquire about this, bit risky both going off :unsure:

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