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Views On 2008 Fusion Zetec Climate Please

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I have an old Ford Fiesta and am thinking of upgrading to a 2008 Automatic Zetec Climate - I have a test drive arranged for noon tomorrow.

I've noticed there seems to be a glut of these cars for sale around 2008 plate, all with mileage around 25 - 30k.

It may seem a stupid question to ask but I don't know anyone who has one of these and wondered if they were reliable?

Also I have managed to get the price down from £5.5k to £4.5k based on prices I've seen on the internet, does anyone know if this seems reasonable for this year and 30k mileage? (Stupidly I didn't make a note of whether it is a 1.4 or a 1.6!)

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I...well my wife, drives a Fusion Zetec Climate....much the same thing really (exactly the same car underneath the body). The main reason for the glut of them on the market, is that this type of car is very popular with the 'Motobility' group, supplying cars for disabled persons. They are generally leased for 3 years and so are sold off at the end of 3 years....hence 2008 models are now due for end of lease. Don't be put off though, as these cars are, under the terms of their lease agreements, generally very well serviced.

I too bought our car when it was 3 years old, and have had no reliability problems worth reporting. A point to note, is that the Auto box fitted to the 1.4 is completely different to the one fitted to the 1.6. (ours is the 1.4 durashift, and incredibly economical)[the 1.6 is the standard Auto transmission, and quite thirsty]. However, although as I say we have had absolutely no reliability problems with our car, there are a few issues to note with the durashift box, mainly, though, as far as I can make out, due to lack of knowledge, in how to repair faults when they do go wrong which is very rare. A tip here is, Citroen use the same gearbox liberally in their range of cars, and their technicians seem better clued up, should you ever need any advice.

Essentially though, I don't think you could find a better run around, value for money wise.....good luck with your purchase!


Pete L

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Thanks for your comments, reliability is the main reason for changing my car.

I took the test drive today - Fusion Zetec Climate 1.6 auto - and found it similar to my Fiesta to drive. Managed to get an extra £100 or so extra knocked off so decided to take the plunge and am collecting it on Tuesday. The dealer said it was ex-mobility which fits in with what you said.

I'm a bit gutted if they are heavy on fuel however, I have found my Fiesta to be very greedy petrol wise these last few years despite being a 1.2 (I'm getting about 40 miles + less per tank than I used to) so am thinking there may not be too much of a difference.

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