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Esp Warning Light On 2008 Focus


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My car is 7 weeks out of warranty! With only 16k on clock. And typical of my luck has developed a fault this morning.

The esp warning light is showing on the dash continuously.

Any ideas what this may mean or cost before booking it into main dealer? Is it a common fault?

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Found this online ...

<< Original Site >>

Common faults with these are with brake light switches going faulty - so you could check that out..

Also - check the fuses relating to the systems in questions - a blown fuse will put the light on..

After that - there really isn't anything you can do on a DIY basis - you will need then to have the car connected to a suitable diagnostic machine..

That will scan the system - and will highlight the area of fault... usually an ABS sensor fault..and then you can have that replaced - or whatever the tool highlights.. - Most small garages have the equipment to do this test for you ...

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