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Dmf Question


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Hi All,

Well, I was pulling into my close the other day and noticed a thudding underneath my foot when I depressed the clutch. When I raised my foot off the clutch I could hear a distinct rattling noise, but when I pressed the clutch in again, this noise became quieter.

Now after a bit of searching online and a bit of ringing around, I have pretty much come to the conclusion that the dmf needs replacing (and while we're at it the clutch too).

I have a good quote from a garage near to where I work which is 25 miles away. My question is:


I can still get each gear, I'm just a bit worried that I may cause damage to the gear box or something.

Any advice/experiences will be gratefully received :)



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The first half is suburban so average speed is between 30 and 50 mph. The second half is mainly duel carriageway, but I can take back routes if its best not to go too fast. I don't trust any garages near to where I live. I've had some pretty bad experiences in the past. The only garage that I have and will always trust to do an excellent job is Cross Motor Engineering in Bidford on Avon. Their even lending me a courtesy car free of charge :)

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Just to give all those in the same or similar situation an update.

I managed to get my car to the garage in one piece. I just kept the revs down to normal running speeds (between 1000 & 2000 rpm), making sure that I wasn't in too much of a high gear for the speed I was traveling, i.e using 3rd whilst driving at 30mph rather than using 4th or 5th, so that the revs didn't go too low.

I also avoided the dual carriageway totally. Stuck to the A & B roads so that I wasn't traveling any faster than 50mph :) I got to the garage, slowly drove it around a corner in 1st and it stalled, after that stall the clutch felt really strange and it was a bit harder to get it in gear, so I think I JUST made it :blink:

Now fingers crossed all goes well with the repair :unsure:

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