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dash fault codes via trip thingy


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Hi been playing with this cow of a car today trying to find anything visibly wrong......extracted a couple of codes from the odo .....first came a word ....BULB...then some numbers 9317.... L254....P103...

Please help if you can but please do not send me to fords.

reminder of my problem.

battery light up first jurney of the day....start again hour or so later engine warm.....pulling away in first ..gauges reboot alarm bell chimes once then all normal till i stop at lights or slow down for roundabout then same thing happens revs drop reboots again get up to speed all is well .....new vss last year...also new alterator...

trouble is the car still looks good but is a mare with this prob. :(

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code p103 points towards the voltage at the maf sensor to high this could give a false reading from the maf to the ecu giving running problems.

what is the maf sensor ?......thanks for the info so far

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