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I have read that chipping my SMAX may be beneficial. Has anyone done is and did it work. I want to eliminate the turbo lag and increase torque. How much does this cost?



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Chipping is an old term now... Remapping is the new one!

Beware of these tuning boxes... i killed my last car because of one! Im almost certain of it!

If you want the best then a custom remap is the way forward, I'm guessing you have either the 2.2 176 or 200... Either way you should see 25-30bhp and a good 40-50lb/ft increase of torque! SOmetimes more than this! A custom map will be done at the tuners workshop, on their rolling road, and will be run and tested etc until the Tuner is happy. This is in my opinion the best option. Your looking between £350 and £500..

Another way is DIY remaps.. Like bluefin (Superchips), that you upload yourself, and can also remove and put back to your standard map, for any warranty work or servicing etc. Bluefin is £320 i believe

There are also plenty of people offering mobile remapping, this is similar to bluefin, however a guy comes and does it for you, reads your ECU, emails the file to soome guy in an office somewhere who plays with it and sends it back.. The mobile guy will then upload this to your car. The downside of this is that if there is a problem, you wont know until you drive it, and then have to arrange to get the guy back to sort it. Again this costs similar to above.

The cheaper option as i mentioned arlier are tuning boxes, that just piggy back your ECU and plug in on the fuel rail. These fool the ECU into thinking you have low fuel pressure, and boost it... Not the best way really but it does work. However I think it killed my HP Pump prematurely. These are anywhere between £69 - £250ish

Hope that helps!

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