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Zetec S - Noisy Fan And Bluetooth Issue


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Hi all,

I have a 58 plate/early 09 fiesta zetec s which I have owned for a couple of months now.

My partner has driven it a couple of times and is adament there is something wrong with the car. Basically, when you turn the ignition key and start driving, the fan starts immediately and my other half is saying it shouldn't come on as it is only there to help with cooling? It never seems to shut off. I admit it does seem noisy but I don't know any different as it as always been the same since owning it and I am not sure I trust my other half as he doesn't even drive a Ford!

Is this something to be worried about or is this normal for the Zetec S please? It is due its first MOT in Jan so would appreciate any thoughts on whether I should get it checked out. The car was serviced when I bought it and it has only done 24,000 miles so I wouldn't have thought there would be anything untoward going on.

My other niggle is with the Ipod jack and bluetooth connection. For some strange reason, the ipod will start working but then it gets knocked off by the bluetooth for about 15 minutes before it will work again. I have to let the ipod play for about 30 mins before even attempting to put the bluetooth on. Any earlier than this and the Ipod shuts off and no sound comes out even though it continues to play. There are occasions when I have to do my journey without either the ipod or phone as it simply won't let me have both!

Any ideas on either problem please?

Many thanks,


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have you got the A/C switched on? this will cause the cooling fan to run

It does it with and without the a/c on - that was the first thing we checked as I nearly always leave the a/c on and my other half tells me off for it!!

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