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Problem With 07 Fiesta Tdci


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Hi all,

Have had an odd problem with my Fiesta hope someone can help. Car refused to start,the engine would turn over on the key but that was all .The engine mangement light illuminated that was the only warning lamp. Mechanic came out and advised the battery was almost done for so I changed battery. All was well for a week used car as normal , no issues car started first time no warning lamps at all.

Suddenly on the way home the yellow engine /transmission warning light flashed on and off for a brief time then went off until the next day. When I started it flashed on and then off and remained off for the next couple of days.Drove car for approximately 5 miles and suddenly car came to a complete stop no warning no nasty noises. Refused to start and AA towed me the 100 yards back home.

Any ideas ?



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Battery appears fine lights all working just not starting

is the engine turning over on the starter? you ideally need to have the battery load tested and the output of the alternator checked. joining 8x AA batteries will give 12v but they won't start an engine.

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