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Hi Guys,

I appreciate that you cant all give me a detailed whats wrong on this, but maybe you can either back up a theory or add a new one to the list!

Driving around in a multi-story car park recently I have noticed that on turning left from about 3/4 lock to full lock, there is this grinding / crunching noise. I cant quite replicate it on demand, its not overly loud (I really have to listen out for it with the windows down before I hear it, and cant usually hear it outside of an echo environment). Its a regular noise that increases with speed, so seems to be related to that...

Have checked the nuts are all tight, there seems to be no foreign bodies in any tyre tread, I dont believe this is a brake issue, but couldnt swear to it. I havent yet (hopefully will this weekend) jacked the car up to check the wheels (give them a roll and a tug), nor can I swear that I know which wheel the noise is coming from, seems to be more the LHS than the right, so will check all wheels.

So, the diagnosis so far I understand is that on full lock, if you can replicate the noise left but not right, its likely to be a CV joint, if you can rock the wheels when the cars up then its likely a baring failure, similarly if I can spin the wheel in the air and it crunches or grinds...

So other than this, with the difficulty to reproduce the error on demand, the fact that its so quiet, and the lack of so far jacking the car up, I ask if anyone knows of any other things I can look for, or if there is any other way I could diagnose (considerably well) either a faulty baring, or CV joint.

I appreciate that if I find a wheel that could be affected I should try and swap the wheel, in which case, I might swap the suspect wheel with the bicycle sized spare, and that...

So has any one got any other thoughts of what may be the issue?

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Hi Jeeb

I had this on my Astra , crunching while on near full lock , also i high pitched squeal after i had driven a long distance .

Jacking up the car there was no play in the wheel's , and no sign of crunching , so what ever was causing it was under load.

After narrowing it down to N/S front , i sent it in.

The bearing on N/S front had started to fail and become dry , it was replaced, when they gave me the bearing to look at , there was one one small bearing that had disintergrated , with this , they said there would be no play becasue the bearing had only just started to fail.

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Thanks all for the replies,

Pragmatix, no mudflaps on the front so I dont believe so, but will look in more detail.

Rog, food suggestion another to look at!

Preee, thanks for the heads up, I wouldnt have thought that, so I might not diagnose, but wont rule out the possibility of the bearing...

I would have checked the car today, but as I live down the road from a football stadium, hosting Gillingham FC vs Stoke, I thought best to save it for a later time! (hopefully tomorrow!)

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Thats a wile looking thing mate. :lol:

? lol, sorry, im probably misreading it but cant quite tell what you mean... lol

as an update, I failed to get to the car to look at it, felt a bit rubbish over Sunday, and didnt fancy fighting traffic on a one way street to check my car. I think I am now going to (if I can be bothered to be frank!) go out and maybe jack the car up every lunchtime this week, and maybe just check one wheel a day!


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Jacked up the car, all four wheels have at some point been in the air, I have spun, bounced, kicked, tigged and shook the wheels about vigerously, no unusual noises, no grinds crackles or cack noises coming from within. If the bearings are too blame they are in the very early stages of failure where I cant see any evidence, and it takes a lot of effort to reproduce - I may leave it for a while and see what comes later.

Other than that, I checked the CV joints, no fractures to its case, no problems obvious that I could see... so looks like they are ok.

I am at a loss, so if any one can think of any other tests that I can do, it would be appreciated as the car is booked in to raid my wallet for a service on 26 Jan (damn, big bill on my birthday!) so will possibly try to get them to investigate it then...

Other than that, my car seems to have a bit of an exhaust rattle when I start the car from cold, chcecked underenath and there is a fair quantity of surgace rust on the pipe, so I wonder if any brackets have rusted through, or if they have any sort of absorption material between the bracket and the pipe, if thats worn away.

Car is a 10 plate with near enough 32,000 on the clock so its done a fair amount of work!

Might be another to ask them to advise whilst the cars in the air?

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I'm still on the bearing side , as i did the same with the Astra i had and the same thing , i could not source it , it would onlt happen when it was under the weight and load of the car. We have a lot of speed bumps around us and they play havock

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It certainly seems that the bearings are somewhat to blame, I bet if I ask them to take a look I will get charged a bomb by the dealer and they conveniently wont find anything... :(

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