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Urgent: Brake Light Constantly On


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Hi guys, I bought some new rear lights, plugged them in and it seemed the right one worked fine, but the left one caused my brake lights to turn on, I then thought it was a light fault, I then removed them and put my old lights back on, then the right one of my original lights caused the same problem.

Not only that, when I brake, my sidelights come on all over the car front and back, fuses seem fine and I have no idea what it could be.


It's a MK6 fiesta

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if you car uses a double filament bulb for brake and sidelight its most likely a bulb filament on the brake side that is touching the sidelight filament so that when you brake it powers up the sidelights as well so check your bulbs.

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Since it has changed to the other side and I've been swapping an old bulb around since one of them broke while transfering, it must be the old bulb I'm using, I will fiddle around with it now and get back to you, thanks guys!

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