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Fieasta Mk7 Emissions.


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I have just recently bought a 59 plate 1.25(82) Zetec with which I am very pleased. Before I bought I did some research and Fords brochure and Parkers online Guide both quoted emission levels of 129 making it class D and £95 pounds per annum. However the DVLA has decided its level is 133, class E £133 per annum. Has the engine spec changed in the last two years or has someone got it wrong? anyone else experienced this anomoly?

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I've just checked your car and the CO2 for a 3-door is 129 but the CO2 for a 5-door is 133. This will be because the 5-door is heavier.

Generally, CO2 rating for cars change all the time as manufacturers try to improve their CO2 average across their range. As a result, you need to make sure you look at the correct CO2/emmissions data for the exact year, model and spec of car.

The CO2 can also be affected by options that were fitted to the car when it was new and this will be reflected the CO2 value on the V5 not what it said in the brochure.

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