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Vent Holder For Samsung Galaxy S2


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I have just (well yesterday) picked up my 09 Fiesta Zetec 1.25 and I am looking for a Vent holder for it. Anyone reccomend one please? not wanting to spend more than £20



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I couldn't find reasonably cheap one so got a expandable one, used wire tie corsa through the back and attached to car. Simples lol. Will try put up pic when finished work. bonus of expandable one is it will fit my phone or iPod.

Hope this is of use to you Mark.

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Choice between:

Drivers side:


Or next to stereo:


Yes I have both ;) They come in 2 parts so you buy one for car & one for phone then screw them together.

The car bracket is less than £15 delivered [both types] on eBay (other suppliers available!)

and the bracket for the phone is £23-£45 depending whether you want holder only or charging too (though there is this auction you may be interested in!)

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I have the brodit one for the stereo on the car and the driver side one in the van. Bought another stereo one for the van as I prefer the position of it to the driver side one.

Going to stick up the drivers one up for sale on eBay and here for £10 inc postage but won't come with phone cradle.

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well got mine on Friday and I have to say Brodit are superb.. so thanks for suggesting them.. still a bit strange looking down at the satnav and not at the windscreen, but brilliant.

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