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Which Is The Better Air Filter?


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Pipercross or K&N?

Go a 2011 1.6 TDCi and looking just to put in a panel filter, the Pipercross is £29.99 and foam, the K&N is £34.99 and is cotton, so which is the better of the two?

Not looking for an induction kit, don't want the engine to be any louder than it is :P

Thanks for your time.

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K & N (pay the extra buck)


K & N are well-known for their excellence in Air filters, and me being "Brand loyalist" would suggest buying K & N. Not sure about Pipercross but you can was K & N without damage and put back in. K are also better known for their increased air flow which we all know makes for a better and slightly, ever so slightly more powerful engine.

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Thanks, think I'll grab the K&N one, Pumaspeed seem to only stock the K&N one and probably for a reason, Mountune replace with K&N too on their MK6 TDCi tweak too, so looks like £35 more on the motor to be spent :P

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hi mate

Don't wish to throw a spanner in the works but i would go for the foam Pipercross filter, the K&N will offer better airflow but the foam material used by Pipercross gives a better trade of between performance and filtration

hope this helps

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