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British Roads - I Love Them


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So, as it stands my car is off the road thanks to myself alone - even though Surrey should repair their roads!.

Country roads even more so because there is no room around them because of the friendly barrier of twigs, rocks and debris to mess your car up.

Basically, I was on my way out for the night and driving down through short cuts down my local area which turned out to be rather costly.

The dimensions: Of which I didn't know, only realised upon revisiting to take photo evidence for a little claim.

6" outside edge - 9" Middle - 2" Inside edge

2ft W x 3ft L

Its classed as a sink-hole to me.

It has buckled my front right alloy which was only evident after stopping 2 minutes onto the M25 at 9pm. I realised an evil shudder coming through my steering wheel. Being !Removed! off at this stage that I hadn't noticed it before I pulled onto the hard shoulder and that it occurred in the first place, I dared to stay on my knees inspecting it long. I was back off at the next junction changing it onto my spare wheel to drive back home again. As soon as I removed the wheel, the buckled edge was soon evident. it had shifted about 3/8" inwards. Still need to check jack it up to inspect the rest of the suspension and parts around the wheel for more damage.

Lesson learnt really, but I am quietly confident that the claim will be rewarded.

A short session onto eBay has now found me a £35 second hand MK6 6JX15" Alloy Wheel, well scratched replacement (hopefully refurbishable).

Maybe its time for a new mk7 TDCI.

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I had a Chevrolet Matiz (first car, don't judge!) and bought some Lenso RS5's (still don't judge >_>) with Toyo Proxe's (just forget it now, it wasn't my idea >_>), anyways paid £570 for the set of 4 and 4 days in hit a pothole, a huge one and probably about the same size as yours, ruined the wheel, tyre and damaged the suspension; I was so glad I took pictures as I put in a complaint and within a day it had been filled and the council tried denying all knowledge, ended up taking them to court over it.

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If you know where the hole is, put in a claim against the council for the damage. With most councils this very straight forward and will also mean the hole will get repaired.

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Yeah, the claim form has been filled in. Sending it off later today, just needed more evidence. If it becomes a court case I won't bother because the sake of a £35 alloy, £30 for tracking, £10 balancing. It won't be worth it for £75. Had I wrote more off, eg, suspension, wishbone etc. I would defiantly follow it up.

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In Warrington (Cheshire) I had an accident because I hit a pot hole that sent me into another car. The council claimed that they had checked the road within the last 6 months and thats all they needed to do. I checked it up and legally they were correct and I have an insurance claim to my name that I have to live with until the insurance companies stop being bothered by it (3-5 years generally) for my company (Admiral) it stops mattering in April but its still irritating.

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