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Reppiz's Build Thread: Ford Focus Tdci 1.6 Zetec (Climate Pack)

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Thought I'd start a build thread on my new purchase listing it's life and what I update, faults, repairs and so on.

Vehicle: 2006 Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 TDCi Climate Pack 93,000 Metallic Grey.

Faults 1:

Gear Gaiter knackered.

Passenger Door panel ill fitting, subsequently door handle trim hanging off.

Parrot Hands free knobs missing.

No locking wheel nut supplied

Only x1 key

Fixes 1:

Gaiter: Repaired gaiter using a glue gun, stanley to trim off excess glue and bulldog clips to secure over night, fixed and is good as new.

Passenger Door panel: Took panel off and revealed that the plastic rivets were knackered, rang Ford and ordered replacements, part no:

F1257376 101074 CLIP @ £1.01 each. The door panel went straight back into place and subsequently the door handle fascia slotted back into place, job done.

Parrot CK3100: Knob broken. Managed to source a broken Parrot removed the face, carefully removed the buttons and its back in full working order.

Only 1x Key...Not fixed this yet but I understand it's around £200? :wacko:

No Locking Wheel Nut: Currently scouting!

Smoking horribly on purchase- WHITE SMOKE A PLENTY!!??? I thought this was indicative of petrol??? :angry: Have since filled up with diesel and Redex and I haven't seen any smoke since and feels much smoother.

Engine warning light on for a day shortly after the above but cleared now?? Clueless :unsure:

So that's the story so far. No images yet as it hasn't stopped raining since I bought her, its been raining, dark and miserable.. But, come the first bit of sunshine the Megs and Claybar are coming out and I'll get a few photos.

Coming next:

H7 bulbs upgraded to Xtreme vision or whatever seems to carry the best recommendation.

Light tints all round.

Update on key and locking nut

Update 1: 25/1/12

License plate near side bolt jammed, planning to remove ASAP.

*Update 29/1/12 license plate threaded screw ....removed (cheers dad!!)

29/1/12: Numberplate surrounds fitted- I always add them- OCD!


Turbo blew, picked up by AA :(


Courtesy vehicle arranged, awaiting verdict/ repairs.


Vast amounts of snow and -12 weather so I doubt I would have been enjoying driving all that much anyway! The turbo was apparently screwed and was the original part, it looks to be going in next Tues for a new turbo and then being run for a while.


Car back and turbo changed.


Tried to park today and the steering stiffened up completely, no idea what to make of this? No warning lights though.


Turbo making similar 'noise' to how it sounded when it died...Seems to be operating fine but I can hear a hairdryer sound


Car won't start, isn't turning over AA call out


Alternator failure, battery failure..Vehicle has been returned to dealer..Watch this space..

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Cheers, just waiting for a bit of decent daylight to get some photos!

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