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Buying A Ford Focus 1.4


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Hi everyone,

This is my first post on the forum, so I hope I've chosen the right section of the site to do so :)

I'm based in Cyprus and I'm considering buying a 2006 1.4, 5 door Focus, 31,000 miles. I'm going to have the vehicle checked out by an independent mechanic shortly, and I was wondering whether there are any specific areas of the car that I should draw the mechanics attention to whilst it's being looked over?

Also, are Focus parts generally more expensive when compared to a Japanese car like a Toyota Corrolla? I'd also appreciate some feedback regards the general reliability of the Focus etc.

Any advice etc would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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dont buy a 1.4 they are way too underpowered and the engine is terrible geta 1.6 minimum mate trust me you get a 1.4 you will regret it.

parts are cheaper than jap cars check the arches and door bottoms for rust have the rear bushes checked all the electrics and check all the carpets for dampmake sure it doesnt misfire or run lumpy

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