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Iphone 4S


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hi mate i have had a fiesta zetec for a while now but when i upgraded to the iPhone 4S my hands free started to get a bit glitchy,

The basic issue is that the new tech on the 4S isn't actually compatible with ford hands free system, now you can go to a ford dealer and get them to update your hands free system you will get it all working but the bluetooth will still drop out after say 20 minutes. Ford are currently waiting for apple to release a software update that will sort out all the problems

The ford software update should be covered under your manufacture warranty

hope this helps

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I have no issues at all with my iPhone 4 s and the Sony radio in the Fiesta. Have you checked in the bluetooth settings for "Ford Audio" that it syncs contacts? And that no contacts are on the Sim card, otherwise the radio will never pick it up.

Ford have released an update for you to do yourself if you have USB in the car. Follow this link to update your radio if needed.


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The update that Mark M.K spoke about is the exact same update that ford will do, i tried do it myself without much luck which is why I went to the main dealer lol,

my iPhone 4S doe still work with hands free but is still a bit glitchy even after the update

tbh i think we just have to wait for apple to pull there finger out and get the update ready :)

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