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2006 Zetec:strange Passenger Window ??

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Hi guys

I've got a problem with the passenger side window on my 3door 2006 fiesta zetec....

The window went down and wouldn't come back up,So i took the door card off and tested the two wires on the back of the motor and only one of them had power the other one was dead with not even an earth signal. so i run a earth wire to it and the window went up.

The strange part is that from testing all the wires it seems like the switch on the passenger side only makes the passenger window go down, and the switch on the drivers side (to control the passenger window) only makes the passenger window go up if i give the other wire on the back of the motor an earth.

I'm usually quite good with eclectics but this one has me

Any ideas?

P.s.... The drivers window works perfectly

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Knackered passengers side window switch?

Dodgy earth from passenger door is evident too.

Thanks for the reply ;)

The window doesn't even go up or down using the drivers switch.

I did find one earth on the the back of the passenger switch (skinny black wire) and i used the metal part of the door for my test light o that should be ok.

Any other ideas?

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the switch reverses the motor polarity (which of the two wires is earth and which is live)

if one wire is "dead" i.e. not live or earth, it suggests the switch is not doing its job properly.

see if putting the switch into "down" position then seeing if your working live wire becomes a working earth.

i suspect the switch is faulty.

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