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Windscreen Washer Problem


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Hi guys, have a question and would like some advise if any of you have experienced the same thing.

I own a Ford Focus MK 2.5 (Same as the MK2 with slight changes) - its an 08 model.

Now, I drove the car last week and everything was working fine regarding the washer jets.

However, last night I got in the car to drive from Birmingham to London and the washer jets were not working at all - it was in the evening and the temperature was probably around 0 to -2 when leaving and as cold as -4 through the journey.

Initially I thought the problem may be that the car had just been very cold for the past week where it hadn't been driven and expected them to begin to work as the engine heated. However for the entire 2 and half hour journey they did not work at all - The wipers would come on but the washers did nothing, I also could not hear a sound of them from inside the car.

Despite having driven the 2 and a half hour journey without them working I thought maybe this was still down to the cold weather, -4 was the reading on the temp gauge sometimes throughout the journey. So I thought I would give them a try in the day time when the temperature would be abit higher.

Went to the car just now, the reading outside on the car is 0, gave them a go and there was still nothing happening - also no sound from within the car.

Has anyone experienced the same thing? What is the most like cause? Shall I take it to garage? Will it begin to work once hot (although I did drive for a long time without them still working)?

Any help or advice you guys can give is much appreciated.


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What kind of washer fluid you have?

When we consider temperatures you are talking about it is possible that the fluid froze. In this case you will also not hear the sound of working pump. Open the hood, open washer fluid tank, put some kind of wire inside - you will see if it is still liquid or changed into piece of ice.

If fluid is ok - it might be blown fuse of washer pump. This could happen If fluid froze when the temperature was lower and you used the washers.

The worse scenario is broken pump - also could happen when you used washers while fluid was frozen.

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If you cannot even hear the motor then unlikely to be frozen fluid.

When you press the button for the screenwash do your wipers still sweep across the windscreen? If so then this would rule out it being the fuse at fault.

As posted before worse case scenario is the washer pump, Usually picked up new for around a tenner and takes around 15-30 mins to replace by jacking up the passenger side, Remove passenger front wheel and wheel arch liner (4/5 bolts around wheel arch rim) and the washer bottle is there, The motor/pump just pulls off of the 2 pipes (1x front 1x rear) and twists out of the washer bottle. Do the reverse and hey presto.

TIP: Test it before you replace the wheel arch liner and wheel as when I did mine I put the pipe for the front washers on the rear part of the pump, Therefore had to do the whole thing again :lol:

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Yeah I'm hoping its just frozen liquid.. I mean I only purchased the car quiet recently from a Ford Dealership as used and haven't had to put any washer fluid in as of yet.

Only other question would be whether the fluid could remain frozen despite as long 2 and a half to 3 hour journey - would it not defrost by then - or is it common for it remain frozen because of the outside temperatures?

As for the wipers they are working fine - just the washers are not. When I press the button the wipers come on and do their thing, just no fluid on the windscreen - or motor sound as mentioned.

I'm going to go and check if the fluid is still liquid or if it become frozen and will report back..

Appreciate the help guys.. Thanks

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Ok I'm unable to check if the fluid is frozen or not - can't find anything which is flexible enough to go through as the container curves round.

I'm going to head to the shops and buy some anti freeze washer fluid and might also get the fuse changed and see if that helps at all.

If not then will have to put it down to a faulty pump - does anyone know if this is covered by a Ford Manufacturers Warranty?

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Ive just had to replace the fuse on my focus mk2 for the washer pump. been fine since. i always use screenwash so hasnt frozen.

take a look under your glovebox. its all labelled up.

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Are you sure it has screen wash in it???? Don't mean to sound stupid but its the simplest things we forget the moat.


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Might be worth checking the stalk as well, make sure that all the wipers work fine, and the rear jets work ok? if the rears work, the front doesnt, but all wiper actions work, I would say its your switch.

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