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Few Questions About Mk7 - 1. Wheels 2. Audio :)


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I have few questions about my lovely mk7 :)

1. Does anyone know what is ET for this fiesta wheels? What size wheels do you usually have? 16'' or 17''? I am wondering what size would be best for me in summer.. 17'' maybe too big?

2. How to change audio system in the doors? I mean how to open the plastic covering. Haven't found any info in the net :( I want a better sound in my car.

Sorry for not that good english.. and maybe too girlish questions :)

Thnx for any info.

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Hello and welcome.

I see your from outside the UK, so answers may vary.

The wheels can be 15,16 or 17" from the manufacture, depending on trim level and extras etc.

All depends if you want to stick to Ford Fiesta ones or aftermarket. Certain aftermarket ones will need spacers to fit correctly. All depends what you are after.

I would suggest looking through member albums for various pictures of the different types of wheels that can be fitted.

I have the 17" on mine, part up a upgrade package.


Try searching for the audio question, this link below may explain. I haven't read all the way through. Search for things like "speaker upgrade"


Good luck!

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