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Mk4 Fiesta Engine, Starter Motor, Battery? Not Sure Whats Wrong!


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Any advice or ideas are welcome, please help!

I own a W reg MK4 Fiesta 1.4 zetec. I have NEVER hasd any engine, clutch, gearbox, battery problems or anything under the bonnet basically in the 4 years i have owned it. Has always driven smooth and perfectly.

Yesterday i drove out of a parking space, stalled (embarrassing i know) and the engine would not start again. Was still turning over, battery fine etc. Towed it home, go a sort of mechanic mate who discovered that was just the fuse for the fuel pump, replaced, started fine and went to bed (it was late).

The next morning had to jump start the car because the battery was drained from the numerous attempts to start the car the day before. Took the car for a drive and it now feels HORRIBLE! Every time i put my foot on the clutch it feels like its going to stall, the car feels like its shaking when this happens. When in neutral its shaking, the car just doesn't sound good at all, almost feels like exhaust is blowing but its in mint condition! I simply cannot figure it out! Any advice or questions feel free.

Thanks, Ian.

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I'll just throw a few ideas out there...

Idle control valve

Faulty or malfunctioning injector

Air flow sensor

Clogged fuel filter

Has it had a service recently? I ran a diesel for a couple of years without servicing it and it used to shake after I booted it, thought it was probably a clogged filter somewhere down the line but got rid before I looked into it.

Sorry it's no real help but just a few things I can think of

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Id stick a good fuel cleaner in it and take it for a blast along a duel carriageway or motorway.

As mentioned above, check out the normal serviceable bits, especially if they havent been changed for a while.

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Hi just have a look at the plugs to see if any are black make sure ht leads are on all plugs in order.This may be 1,3,4,2.

not sure ?.

Ps Some times plugs can get broken putting them back look at tops white bit check for cracks.


PPs If the plug leads have been moved they can break inside if old? this can give a missfire.

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mk 4 fiestas and the first focus and facelift focus is very prone to ignition missfire and the only way to cure it is to replace the coilpack ignition leads and plugs. the simple pulling of the plugs and poping a single plug in to check car had a spark is enough to fracture a lead and cause the coil to go faulty.. its not a fault of the mechanic that looked the car over as they would have to have been on theyre way out and it just helped it along. a coil out of a motor factors is just as good as an origonal same with leads just ensure its good brand of plugs. the 02-05 fiesta is the same but the facelift of that version onwards had a new style coil pack fitted along with the 07 on focus onwards and that seams to have cured the missfire problem but afraid it will not fit the earlier cars without re wiring the car.

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cats dont commonly clog on a petrol ford unless they suck water in and it swells the insides but if that happens it will have caused engine damage.. ive been a ford tech for many years and it is more common for an after market back box to clog but if the exhaust clogs either way then it will choke the engine and be down on power the fault above is splutering and missfireing and is unrelated.

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