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I should start by admitting that I'm a bit of an impostor....

I don't currently own a Ford!

In my defence, we did own a Ford Focus (1.4CL - a great little car) a few years ago and I'm now in the market for a new (or nearly new?) Fiesta (mostly for my wife to drive).

I'm interested in opinions of how to buy a new (or nearly new) Ford. I started by asking around some of my nearest dealers

- Evans Halshaw

- Gates of Harlow

- Dagenham Motors Enfield

The spec I'm working on is:

- Fiesta Zetec 1.25

- 5dr

- Metallic paint

I think that's about it!

We do have an Audi A4 estate from 1999 - a nice car that still runs well, but the running costs are quite high and it won't go on forever (already done about 140,000 miles) - but I get the impression that I'd be best off trying to flog that second hand (maybe on eBay!)

I was thinking that another Focus would be ideal - I loved the feel of driving that car, but Mrs prefers the look of the latest Fiesta (and I can't say I disagree - the modern Focuses do look a bit dull) and I suspect that 1.25 engine will attract ludicrously low insurance quotes compared to the Audi's 1.8.

I'd be interested in suggestions for dealers that go the extra mile on service (rather than just having nice shiny shoes) and also a consideration of whether nearly new is better than actually new?

Thanks all!

(And if anyone wants suggestions on wine - or even TV's - I might be able to help!)

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