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Engine System Failure Due To Dpf Additive

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Hi there,

I've had the warning light on my Focus 1.6 TDCI for a few months now (I know!!)...and have run diagnositcs which state it is a DPF additive issue - Question is...will replacing the fluid, plus getting engine management light reset by Ford solve this issue, or does this mean that the DPF has gone as well?

I do a lot of motorway miles everyday, and assuming this is working in my favour as it is helping to burn off the soot, even though there is no DPF additive in the resevoir.



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A few month's wow your asking for trouble with the DPF , how many miles has it done ?

If its around 35,000 then get the eloys topped up a.s.a.p , if its 75,000 ish then probably needs replacing.

Or you may have already damaged it beyond repair with top up

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The motorway miles might just save you, depends how far you have pushed it

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It's done 82k.

Thing is, it drives quite nicely - noticed a little bit lower on the mpg, but other than that all seems OK.

Is there a way to tell whether the DPF is gone beyond repair?

I just dont want to waste having the fluid topped up and warning light reset for it to then need the DPF changing.

It's been poorly serviced as well, so not sure what has been topped up over the years.

Thanks for your replies guys! Appreciated.

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My only experince of DPF's is with my Citroen C5 2.2 Hdi, i ran that dry of Eloys at 102K and never suffered a problem, It was topped up and still ok 85K later sold it on with 190k on it, But that allways did longish journeys never under 25 miles

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If you get a error message like "Low additive" and engines system faults with that it might mean you are running out of additive, and you will have to go and refill. I woul suggest you find a ford dealer that has the new Infineum 955 or 995 (... can;t remember the exact number) stuff (that replaces Eolys 176). It's better. And then they have to do a reset.

Then ask the dealer to do a forced regeneration if they can (this can be done with the car stationary, or on the road with the IDS program running).

poor mpg, could be because you filter is cloged, or your egr is cloged.

DPF have a limited life of about 120k Km, but using the new Infineum additive, they say it would prelong it's life to 240k Km.

good luck

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