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Led Headlights?

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I'm looking to change my headlights (Dipped, High, fogs etc.) to LED

Anyone know what bulbs id need?

(and the same for the rear lights......it wont be long before I decide to change them to match, so might as well ask now!)

Thanks again for the info!

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from my other post leds are useless as headlights for one the light output is terrible from leds and 2 they will short out quickly as leds cannot take the heat youll be replacing them every few weeks take my advice and dont do fogs dipped or main as leds.

leds look good but are useless for actually seeing with you would need error free leds of which are not ceramic therefore the heat will short out the chip which makes them work on our cars and youll have flickering lights all over the place first set lasted 1 month 2nd set lasted a few hours and they werent cheap ones either they were returned for testing and it was concluded the heat had shorted the circuit board now i use diamond white sidelight wedge bulbs and xenon headlights and foglights

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If i can get hold of a decent set of second hand zenon headlights off a focus i'll retro fit a set of aftermarket HID's into the lights and report my findings here.

I think the halogen lights with standard bulbs are pretty good on the focus i must admit, but after fitting a set of HID's onto my other car, i'm sorely tempted to fit some to the focus also.

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