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William Crossey

2005 Zetec S Tdci Retrofits/mods Advice.

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hi i bought the wife a 05 zetec s tdci as her first car or her own, exterior i have put in the facelift lights, it already had side skirts and alloys done, and has had st ott and side stripes and from size and design id go as far as to say they are fo mo co stripes. inside it has had the centre console blacked, st kick/scuff plates and leather and sports gear nob and gator, silver grab handles. mechanicly i replaced cam belt done full service replace air box mount rubbers and put in new coil springs and shocks as theres high miles on the car so basicly tightend the drive all up and runs really well. so what im looking to know is if anyone else has any ideas so as i can add little bits into it also, im not really worried about the brake upgrades or any lowering etc as wouldnt do any benifit to her, any imput would be great.. thanks in advance.

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A small mod that I was planning on doing is getting a smooth rear wiper. After seeing the pictures of it compared to the factory fitted it looks awful! :L

Here's the link for the site i found it on (hope it works as I'm on my phone.) But have a look around on it though as there's a few other things that you might like :)

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sorry ive been offline for a while with work comitments and moving about a bit, thanks for the reply,

..i put a smooth wiper on the rear used an astra boom with a new fiesta blade,lol. then was in the local motorfactors a few days later and they had lines of these style wipers ranging from 10" rite up lol..

..well i added some 2012 focus mist washer jets to it as the 2 jet washers are a pain for freezing,

..fitted proper colour coded door handles and delocked the drivers lock cap at same time and fitted coloured mouldings and trims on it too,

..proper st scuff plates as after market just dont look rite,

..fitted facelift mirrors onto it (wiring a bit of a !Removed! but all work, just electric heated as dont like the faulty folding ones lol.

..matt blacked the wheels

..tinted rear windows

..prefacelift steering wheel with the silver bar

..facelift fusion inner door grips as they are the same silver as the st and match the handles/vent rings.

..fusion leather gear gater

..focus leather gear knob on a shortend lever

..bee stung a genuine antenna so its shorter and still looks oem..

mainly sill bits and wee bits of trim but its all ive really had time to do..

i intend on trying to retrofit the one touch down driver window switch that is in some of the facelift fiestas but i havent had time to check up the wiring on it as i know the one touch switch with the relay built into it only has one plug in it where a normal fiesta switch has 2 and i cant just swap the door loom over as the door piller connector is differnt so if anyone has ever tryed it or has any wiring diagrams it would be much greatful asistance..

any other idea's of wee things to do feel free to add them on. i dont intend in touching the suspension etc as shes a care worker and does quite a few miles and travels uneven roads so slaming it and stiffing it up wouldnt be practical lol..

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