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Fiesta Stalling

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Hello everyone. I have a fiesta 1.4 on a 2003. I am after some help and advice. When I'm driving usually changing down a gear the car stalls. It starts again immediately. I have had it plugged into a snap on diagnostics reader and it comes up with oxygen sensor heater circuit bank 1 sensor 1. I changed this sensor but the fault is still there. The emissions are really high also. Are the faults related? The car drives fine apart from the stalling. Any advice would be grateful.

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What condition is the rear silencer in. at this age i would guess its on its last legs.

If it is rusting internally a piece of loose metal could be blocking the exhaust causing excessive back pressure.

How many miles are you doing per week.

When ws the car last serviced "is the air filter clean"

How old is the fuel filter.

When did the car last visit a main dealer. There have been loads of ECU updates released since this car has been made. many of these updates improve running and fuel curves etc etc. If its still on its original software version it may well be the cause of all this. Imagine an 8 year old computer that has never been defragmented and had windows updates or a virus scanner that has never had its definitions updated.

Take the car to a main dealer for a value service and when they service it they will plug it in to there ford IDS system and then it will give them the option of updating all the software "calibrations etc etc)


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