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Focus 02 Handbrake Poor

womble 171

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Hi All.

I have an 1.6, 2002 Focus with rear drums...

The problem with it is the handbrake will not hold... I have replaced the shoes, i have even got a spare drum from a dealer to see if that fixed the problem, unfortunately not!!! I have adjusted the 10mm nut so the lever only comes up about 3 or 4 notches but this still has not solved it. One side holds better slightly better than the other. The only thing i have not replaced is the handbrake. I have checked the movement when i pull the lever up and down and it is not seized....Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

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There are 2 separate cables that run from the main handbrake cable that go to either wheel mechanism..get someone to operate the handbrake while you check they both move freely just before they enter the drum mech..they operate a mechanism inside the drum that moves one brake pad per side.best thing to do is to jack the car up and rotate the wheel while someone operates the hand brake to see how much resistance you have on each side...it could be a lot of things from worn pads to contamination of the friction material to a rusty spring.unless you take the drum off its just gues work..if you are not too confident on working on brakes..take it to a garage...can't stress strongly enough how important brakes are on a car...

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