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Hi All,

I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to cars, so apologies if this doesn't make much sense! I've had my Fiesta for the past 7 years, It's my first car and I've not really taken that good care of it to be quite frank! I've had 2 minor knocks in those years, nothing serious and no permanent damage was done, but over the past year I've been having a lot of problems with the throttle getting stuck, which is quite terrifying when it gets stuck completely and my car ends up zooming off down the road like a lunatic. The garage fitted a new throttle cable, but it's still getting stuck... and to make matters worse, the other night it got stuck completely down to the ground again and because I hadn't put much oil in it recently the engine blew up from over revving. Fortunately I'm having a new engine fitted as we figured it'd be the cheaper option considering I've spent so much on trying to sort out my car and apart from the blown engine and throttle problem the car is in pretty good condition.

My queries are -

Will a new engine sort out problems with fuel consumption? I'm currently only getting about 200 - 250 miles to a tank, whereas a few years ago I was managing to get about 400 miles out of a full tank.

What could be causing the throttle to get stuck all the time? is there a new part I should get (bear in mind I recently had the throttle cable replaced)

Why is my hand break light constantly flickering on and off when I'm driving - especially around corners, even if I don't have my foot anywhere near the foot break the hand break light still seems to flick on, on the dashboard which is quite distracting!

My cars only done about 91,000 miles so it's not totally exhausted! :)

Many thanks!

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without inspection its difficult to say what was causing the throttle problem, as for the light if your car has a low brake fluid system check the level of the brake fluid, if this is ok it could be a problem with the switch at the bottom of the handbrake lever.

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