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Advice please....

For fit onto my Fiesta Metal I have been quoted £495 for:


front & rear mudflaps

Boot liner

Rear parking sensors

Is this worth it? I'm not in a position to fit any of these products myself just want to know if it's a fair price for having the items installed.


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I'd never recommend Supaguard or similar products from dealers, the product is only worth £30 and they charge something like £300 to apply it. If you really want a paintwork protector try a local detailer and see what they recommend, but it's not worth paying that sort of money for a product that washes off easily (in my opinion, of course).

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Mudflaps are £120 fitted iirc (a guy had them fitted at same time as service for £15)

Supaguard not worth it. Get the Polish down the road to wax it.

Rear parking sensors....well if you need them then yes the factory sensors are a good deal for £500 - but bare in mind the Fiesta is tiny.

Boot liner is on eBay for <£50.

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Thanks for your responses, especially the info regarding the lack of mudflaps that actually fit!

Think I shall politefully decline.

Saw car for 1st time today, looks great. Shame I have to wait another week to drive it.....

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