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What To Do To My Focus With Spare Cash?


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Ok have a very small bit of spare cash, may not even spend it on the car, but if I do, i want to know its the best way I could spend it.

Ok so basically im not into performance stuff or body kits, tinting windows etc.

I had 325 spare and bought a second key for it, flip remote central locking for €160

So now I have €160

previous things I've done are:

Led strips in the boot

new led light in the glove box

new rear wiper (longer arm)

new vanity light with map lights

parrot car kit

don't want random leds in the cockpit.

Mainly what I'd do are little upgrades like I've done after looking through Lenny and Pree's upgrades

For example I'd look at getting a cruise control steering wheel and activating but insurance mightn't like me installing it

maybe a bit of colour coding?

all thoughts welcome and apologies in advance if I go through a periods of shooting down suggestions, its nothing personal!

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cheers guys,

ye wouldnt mind upgrading a few bulbs, can anyone link to any good ones? not sure i need the second reverse light

reversing sensors would be nice if i could get a buzzer hat wasnt annoying and ideally tap them into the stereo Speakers.

a new stereo isnt high up on the list as i have a great parrot car kit that does everything, the only thing the stereo does is recieve the radio and thats it.

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The buzzer on my reversing sensors , only bleeps pnce when it turns on and then only if i get near some thing and is not annoying , to hear it through stereo it would have to go in an Aux in and might then be too loud and would only come on with aux sellected

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I brought and fitted this sensor kit a couple of weeks ago with the help of the guides here


very easy to fit and hook into the rear light, i extended my sounder wire, ran it under the rubber seal down the passenger side of the car, behind the passenger footwell and stuck it to the inside of the dash just infront of the steering wheel, i can just reach under and flick the volume switch, tho i have it on full, still pretty quiet, not annoying but useable with the radio on.

the only thing i'd say about it

it can be a little slow, doesn't seem to activiate as early as it did when i tested it in the box, however as you don't reverse at a snails space it could be that the early beeps are just too spaced out.

full beep at 30cm is perfect for still getting in the boot.

2nd small issue is that once you knock out of reverse it does take a second to die, so the note tones off amusingly

if you can live with those very simple issues then for 15 quid and 3-4 hours work you can't go wrong

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