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New Eco Info On Centre Display


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Just noticed this from Ford's Fiesta page

A smart info system to help you drive more efficiently

The innovative Ford Eco Mode system continually assesses the effects of your driving behaviour on your fuel consumption. It reads your speed, gear shifting, braking and anticipation levels, plus the proportion of short to long trips. Its smart software then advises you on how to improve your fuel economy, according to your unique driving style.


Includes a nice message telling you you're an economical driver

Question is - can it be "enabled" retrospectively on older Mk7s...

What do we make of this / any thoughts?

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Pointless in my opinion, but I can see why some people would like it. Horses for courses. I do however love the cold blue display. That is in the new Focus's too. Very nice.

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Mine would be always telling me to improve :lol:. But i can't see how that would help people drive better to save fuel. I hate computers what tell me what's best. The little green arrow annoys me too!

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I do however love the cold blue display.

The display just looks like the Sony display to me?

I too would be interested to know if this Eco update is available as a software update for existing Fiestas.

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