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Bonnet Wont Shut

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Hi all, Hope someone can help.

Last night my OH open my bonnet and filled up my water. He then couldn't shut the bonnet, it would latch but not completely shut. I looked of here and told him to try the wd40 and stuff. He ended up getting frustrated with the bonnet and attacked the lock with a screw driver and said the spring broke. As i have 3 children one a newborn he cable tied the bonnet down.

I went to the local ford dealship this morning and he basically said sounds like the catch (with out looking, said he didn't want to look cos if he cut the cable tie off won't be able to put another one on) he ordered me a new catch and I have to take backk tomorrow for fitting.

I have no idea how much this will cost me as he didn't say. Does this sound right? What if it is only the cable will I still have to pay for the catch?

I'm really worried so any help would be appreicated.

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The dealer will not charge you for the catch if it isnt the fault and its not used. They will just put it back into stock ready for when its needed.

Non dealership garages just send parts back to the dealerships and await a credit on their account if a part isnt utilised.

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