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Mondoe Starting Issue

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Hi. I have just bought another mondeo 2.0 tdci zetec estate. Whe I start it from cold it turns over and fires up first time however when I have run it or it is warm when I turn it over it either won't start or it will tick over very slowly as if fuel starved for a few seconds. If i try and rev it cuts out. I know starter motors always an issue but any ideas anyone? Thanks.

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it may need the update for the pcm to cure the common warm start problems,the full tsb from ford is as follows.

TSB no. 34/2006

"Should a customer express concern about low idle speed (500-700 rpm) and or no throttle repsonse for between 2 second and 3 minutes depending on vehicle, the probable cause is the minimum drive pulse (MDP) of the injectors, which has drifted excessively at low rail pressure (less than 400 bar). This causes a reduction in fuel delivery versus demand and stops the engine reaching the required idle speed in an acceptable time. The PCM does not detect the excessive MDP drift because the strategy does not learn the MDP at the pressures where the problem occurs.

After some time the idle speed will return to normal (800 rpm) and throttle repsonse will be obtained. This concern can occur when the engine is hot or cold. The issue is recurring.

To rectify this concern a new calibration has been released for service which will vary the quantity of fuel demanded during engine cranking in order to reach the idle latch speed in an acceptable time.

• NOTE: Use WDS CD B45 / IDS 46 DVD or a later version.

If the calibration does not fix the starting issue completely it is possible that this is in fact not caused by MDP drift of all injectors but another fault that is causing fuel starvation during cranking. Please carry out the appropriate fuel system tests either using the guided diagnostic tools available on WDS or follow the instructions in section 303-04 of FordEtis."

The TSB further details the original PCM part number and the new calibration part number required for each different model and Euro 3 & Euro 4 versions.

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^^^Though this seems most likely, my mothers mondeo was doing the same and a new cam position sensor solved it.

Cost about £20 inc Vat from dealer, they updated this sensor a while back and the new ones should be grey.

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I have a 2006 Ford Mondeo 2.0tdci and this is the exact same problem I have with it. I have changed cam sensor, spring tensioner and crank pulley. Changed also alternator after clutch pulley seized and battery as was showing low voltage.

starter motor is a bit lazy so thinking of changing that to see if cranking quicker will cure the problem.

how much is the PCM update to have done at Fraud. I spoke to them and asked if they could just do the update and they told me NO as they need to hook it up to diagnostics first at a cost of £120 and then if I need any further things doing would be extra cost.

thanks in advance

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