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I bought a 1.6 petrol zetec last week and so far very happy except one or two things. I apologise for more than 1 question. Firstly...i have no locking wheel nut. I should have checked i know but stupidly didnt. Whats the best solution? do i get a garage to chop them off and replace or can i get a replacement locking nut?

Second. My car is 2008 with 37000 miles on it. service record shows a service approx 1 yr ago. Is it yearly servicing and do i need a particular oil or bog standard that independents use?

Thirdly and most concerning....when i turn the steering wheel fully to right or left i get a strange noise. hard to describe but neighbour said it sounds like the fluid needs topping up or a belt requires tightening/adjusting. the fluid is topped to maximum so no problem there.

any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi and welcome to the club.

Firstly, locking nut removal without an adaptor will usually result in knackered rims.

Ford can supply a replacement but will want proof of ownership and quite a few of your hard earned foldables.

Usually with a lock nut supplied with the car, a code is also suplied which is the lock nut you'd need. look in the glovebox / side pockets / logbook in case it's there (just a small bit of paper).

Secondly, oil - Ford recommend Castrol Magnatec fully synthetic 5w30, a 4 litre can would do one total fill but i also reccomend another 1 litre can on top just in case and to allow for the new oil filter soaking up some.

Third, Steering - Could be low fluid, is your steering stiff?

More likely it's the servo pump straining on full lock or like you said maybe the belt is loose and you're losing a bit of compression.

If it's not too noisy don't worry too much.

Mine whines a little bit on full lock but nothing unusual.

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First, as stoney said, you can get it done at the dealers, my local dealer took it off with their master nuts for a fiver, some have been quoted over £40 (just to remove the nuts). When I spoke to them about ordering a new set, it was 4 - 6 weeks to order the particular nut into store! plus a bill of £45 + VAT! so just go speak with them, and see what they can do for you, just dont expect much!

Second, well, Stoney took that one!

Third, as stoney said, could be a strain on the pump, check the steering fluid colour, make sure that its not discoloured, if it is, might be worth a clean and replace. Mine always whined when I hit it to full lock, and then turned it further into the lock and held it there, just because the pump is running on full whack!

Good luck and hope something helps!

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thanks everyone. maybe its just me and the noise it makes on full lock is quite normal. im not that bothered but just thought i'd ask as you guys have them.

def no key code card in the docs so no luck there. will have a word down at ford and see what they say. cheers fellas

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