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Smax Not Starting 1St Time, Cruse Control Not Working


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This is my first Ford, its a 2008 titanium x model with 44k miles on the clock. I picked up the car 3 weeks ago.

Over the last 2 days i have noticed that it takes 2-3 attempts to start when the engine is cold and hot, the car drives ok apart from being a little lumpy occasionally, at the same time the cruse control stopped working. Could it be that Tesco fuel has caused this problem, until now i have only used Esso disel , i filled up at Tesco on Sunday.

The car is booked into Allen Ford in Northampton on Monday, they have been really good so far.

This is my first Ford after owning 2 Hondas and an Audi A4 for the last 3 years.

Any thoughts or suggestion on what this could be?

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Suspiciously coincidental how the problems atarted at the same time as you changed fuel suppliers?

CC problems may be due to the lumpy running and the CC system has been unable to accurately manage the engine so has automatically deactivated itself to avoid further running problems?

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Could be DMF or EGR issue - quite common on the TDCi engines.

Also could be the DPF if you have one fitted - may need a blast to clean it out.

Cruise control issues are usually related to the ABS sensors or reluctor rings.

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Hi, thanks for the comments, the car has been into the ford dealer today. The car seems to be starting better but the cruise control still does not work plus it still does not seem to be running right. Taking it back in tomorrow.

Hopefully these are just some one off issues and not a sign of things to come!!

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