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1500 Mile Courtesy Check

Sara Fiesta

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Ford informed me that it's not compulsory but I can return for a free 1500 mile courtesy check, I really don't have the time is this worth it or is it a waste of time anyone else bothered?


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Hi Sara, I don't think it's a major issue if you don't get it checked. When I took the Fez in I'm sure they just made sure nothing had come loose and everything was running correctly.

One thing I would say though is if it's free, you might as well have it done for peace of mind?

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Hi Sara,

Well as its free its worthwhile! they will mainly check the likes of torque on the nuts, just check that no DTC codes have appeared, and just check the overall health, call it a "special service" if you will.

You dont need to go as soon as it ticks over from 1500 miles, but its worth getting it done, it will just be a confidence boosting "glad to see your enjoying the car!"

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