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Intermittent Electric Window

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My driver's side electric window wouldn't close the other day after two attempts, but closed on the third. I thought nothing of it.

Then after a long afternoon parked in a sunny car park yesterday, my car was roasting. Dropped both front windows down all the way until the air con was cool, but only the passenger side would come back up!

Drove home with the air booming around in the car, trying the switch all the way, but to no avail. I got home, switched the engine off then fired the igntion up, still nothing. Left it for half an hour, still wouldn't work. The relay was still clicking, and I checked the fuses and it's on the same as the mirror and central locking, which were both still working. No choice but to leave the car in the garage over night as I'm sure the local 'yoof' would have taken an interest!

Set off for work this morning (via my local dealer!) and it still wouldn't go up. Then, as I was just approaching the dealer, I tried the switch again and hey presto, the window closed!

Has anyone else had a similar intermittent problem, and is it a simple home fix or will it need to be back with Ford? <_<

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Probably dirty contacts in the switch or a relay contact not making if you can hear it clicking in.

Considering your car isn't that old, I'd question it again anyways.

Just as a quick question, does it even ATTEMPT to close and doesn't get all the way?

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agreed take it to the dealer it could be that they are aware of the issue with other cars or something was not connected properly tell them its working now but it has been intermittent and sometimes wont close at all creating a security issue dont mention garaging the car

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