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Fiesta Econetic- Model Change


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Hi, I wondered if any one was experienced with ordering new cars from ford and the spec that's released.

I basically ordered a 1.6 econetic edge in February for a company car. I was given a lead date of early April. This has now been delayed until 10th May approximately. I have just come across this article:


Its basically saying ford fiesta econetic has been updated with 7mpg more fuel saving from the engine. Stop start and revised air con etc. will I receive the 78mpg stated engine as when I ordered or the new 85 mpg revised model. I've asked the lease company but they have no clue.


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If it's been pushed back till May I can't imagine it's been built yet so I would assume it would be the new one.

Once it's been registered you can use the reg to check on Ford's system.

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I was thinking that they can do either of two things. Have a cut off date of the older engine revision ie 1st May then the newer ones will be built or they will fufill all older engine specifications before the new engine announcement to get rid of old stock etc. who would I need to contact to find this out before the lead date? 3 months for a basic econetic.edge in white with options of privacy glass and heated windscreen seems a little long in my opinion.

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