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Newbie Here. Just Put Down Deposit!


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Hi all. Just pust down a deposit for a frozen white Zetec S TDCi on a 10 plate. Been looking for a while as it had to be/have:


Street pack

Low mileage

Diesel, as Im doing over 20k miles a year.

Even better Ive managed to get a full refurb on the wheels as part of the deal I got, So the wheels are gonna be white too B) ..... gonna be a pain to clean though :wacko:

Always used forums for every car I've owned as they've saved me alot of time and money and usually have good advice so looking forward to using this one.


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expect 60+ mpg in the summer and 55 ish in the winter! :D remember to give it a motorway blast freuqently to clean the DPF

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The car, not so clean after 70 miles a day

I do the same, clean the car on a saturday and it goes straight back to being a state by tuesday... <_<

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