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Couple Of Questions (Mk2 2007 Focus)


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Got a 2007 Focus Zetec Climate 1.6 in November and have so far been very happy with. However there's a few things I want to put right. Now anyone sitting in the car wouldn't notice these things but I do so want to rectify them :P

Thanks in advance for any help

1. The handbrake has a lot of scratches. Could someone recommend me a slip on cover. Preferably something which looks OEM.

2. The surround around the gear knob seems to have chipped in a few places (not the silver lining, but the black surround). How do you remove this. Do you just tug at it and it clips off? I want to spray it wrap it.

3. I think the previous owner may have seated his young child in the passenger seat and he must have gone to town kicking as the glovebox is covered in light scratches. Is there way to get a replacement glovebox lid and how easy would it be to fit?

Finally, which are the best mats to go for. The current ones are buggered and I want ones which will fit properly.

I was also disappointed to find that my car wasn't wired for the footwell lights. The holder exists, but nothing more. Ah well.


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Hi and welcome.

Let's address your questions in order.

Handbrake- you can buy a cover that slides over the original, plenty on eBay.

Gear surround- use a wide bladed screwdriver tipped with tape to pry up the ring, start at the right hand corner nearest to you and the ring lifts easily.

The surround has 4 clips (2 front and 2 rear) and a locating pin in the middle nearest to you.

Pry up a corner using the taped screwdriver.

Move to the other corner and repeat, lift the trim up and pull out the other clips.

Rotate the trim 90 degrees and slip up over the metal ring and gear stick to totally remove.

This part is easy to wrap, view my posts to see results.

Don't buy a replacement from Ford as they are £55.00

Refit in reverse putting dash side in first.

Glovebox lid- plenty available on eBay, you need to remove the inner glovebox to get easy access to the hinges.

4 torx screws along the top and 3 at the bottom behind flip down plugs.

Mats- again plenty available on eBay, I use oem mats as they will always fit fine and if the drivers one has the 2 holes in it for the retainers, they are also available on the bay.

I have a link for them if you go that direction.

Footwell lights- I have just fitted an ignition barrel light and when my bulb holders finally arrive, I will use the feed line from the light to splice off a feed for them.

You could always run a feed from the courtesy light yourself, not a hard job just a few bits to remove for access.

Hope I have been of assistance to you.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. Very helpful. It's good to know everything is readily available.

Hand brake cover and glovebox are priority. I'll do the surround during summer.

I'm thinking of going OEM with the mats too. I made the mistake of getting some from eBay when I picked up the car and they had turned white and started to lose shape within a couple of months.

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