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Replacement Alternator


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I have a 2007 Focus TDCi. I had the front windscreen replaced and all was ok until the first time it rained and the cable for the heated windscreen got caught in the wiper mechanism and shorted. I had a 2nd windscreen replaced shortly after this and the engineer couldn't test this as the fuse for the windscreen had blown and he didnt have a replacement. I got a replacement fuse and all seemed ok until my car broke down with a flat battery only 24 hours after the fuse was fitted, the AA managed to jump start the car after a few attempts but noticed smoke coming from the alternator so gave up, he ran some tests, there was a 14 amp drain on the battery with no keys in the ignition. I was towed to a local garage and left there. I returned the next day, removed the new fuse for the windscreen and the car jump started, all seemed ok for a while but then the battery warning light appeared followed by ABS and handbrake lights on and off while driving.

My Ford dealer tells me there are reports of overcharge and undercharge from the alternator and the relay for the windscreen is stuck closed.

I am trying to establish if the windscreen shorting out could cause the alternator to fail due the high loads. The dealer is putting this down to a coincidence and says the alternator has probably just failed on its own and the overcharging from the alternator has caused the relay to stick closed. Any advice anyone can give would be appreciated.


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the smart charge alternator can pump out up to 18 volts however if it did this continously then yes it can fry the realys and blow fuses wether the windscreen caused this would be difficult to prove if the wiper tore the strip it would have likely just blown a fuse the fact theres undercharge and overcharge suggests its coincidence and the alternator is passed it

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