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Whirring Noise, Any Ideas?


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Ok, so I replaced the aux belt and tensioner which was noisy and I'm pretty sure its not the alternator.

My question is, what would create this whirring noise, its temperamental, I can start the car up and it'll make this noise other times it won't, doesn't seem to matter if its hot or cold.

I'm wondering if its a potential bearing failure on the shaft that leads to the alternator or a turbo failure. Definitely hear it at idle and on the move.

I have a 1.8 TDCi Mk2 Focus (56 plate - Jan 2007 production)

Any ideas?

Just to make sure there is no confusion with the bearing on the alternator; the aux belt drives a shaft which then links on to the alternator which is independent to the alternator.

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Could be the water pump. We had it on the SportKA. Some days it was ok, then it got worse and eventually the noise was so bad I had to take it in. I thought it was just the auxilliary belt tensioner as that is a common issue on these, but it was the water pump siezing.

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