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2010 Wing Mirror Covers.. How Do They Come Off?


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In the past I clouted my O/S wing mirror lightly as I reversed out of the garage on a door post door (before I got used to the cars width) and the cover just popped off. A bit of head scratching and I got it clipped back on OK. Now i'm looking to try and retro fit the power fold mirrors, but how the funk do I get the cover off in order to put my silver covers on to new power mirrors? Obviously I don't to start the swap process until I can work out how to get the covers off.

I know the process is supposed to be easy as it's what you use to replace the bulbs, and one of the mirrors came with a blue cover so if I break that trying I'm OK for mine, but where exactly should I press, It's probably really simple but I've spend the last 30 minutes pressing the cover, pressing the black plastic surround and just getting nowhere.

I *KNOW* it's easy but I'm a bit reluctant to bash each mirror on the garage door to try and repeat the earlier process....

I'm also trying how to workl out how to remove the door cards, and yes I've seen INaths guide, but seeing the guide and knowing how much pressure to put on the plastics is another matter...

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Like you i found out that they come off quite easy, mine was in a hedge and i found that getting them on is difficult.

Sussed it by getting a thin blade in the bottom at the fron of the cover. (An old dinner knife ground off straight like a thin stripping or filling knife) Levering the bottom out to release the 2 bottom lugs and the gently lifting up and forward to release the 3 top lugs.

Suggest that you repeat the operation in reverse, get the top in postion and the lugs located, push down and get the blade in the bottom, levering the casing outwards to get the bottom lugs to slip into the slots.

A strip of masking tape to protect the plastic from the blade is recommended.

Used the same blade to remove the door pull cover, carefully insert in the joint at the top of the pull and lever out, ( Don't use a screwdriver it will mark the soft plastic.)

Carefully pull the cover away, there are 2 locating pegs so you need to be a bit forceful, gently prise out the round cover behind the door lock pull, the blade should do it if you are careful.

I used a star socket to remove the star headed screws but it was not long enough for 1 because the recess is quite deep, a star type allen key won the day but a screwdriver type would be better.

Remove the window switch as shown by Nath.

The panel comes off easy, get the blade, protect with tape at the botton rear corner and gently prise the panel and continue along and up the sides.

You'll find its quite simple. Nothing to worry about. If you know how its done its a 10 minute job.

Nath makes it look easy.

You need a 14 mm socket for the nut on the mirror, and I would advise tying a length of string around the cable loom behind the plug before you pull it through, then undo it and tie it to the new plug and loom to pull it bck down through the door. Its fiddly otherwise .

The nut is accessed behind the big black rubber grommet at the top of the door directly behind the mirror.

Good luck.

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HAHA Success, part one. I did it by pressing the back of the neck below the cover , and it came off, I suspect it's far easier if the mirror is on the car, as the bolt hold it in place.

Anyone want a ink blue wing mirror cover?

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